I am norwegian doctor who worked as expedition doc on the Antarctic research station Troll for the summer season 2007-2008. NB: This blog is intended as a personal and ecological account from The Ice Planet - fully independent of the Norwegian Polar Institute, their official web page being: npweb.npolar.no

25 Nov 2007


The barrel is the red blood cell of the station. They carry diesel (for most of our vehicles), kerosene (for the smaller aircraft) and petrol (for snowmobiles and ATV). All of our waste is dumped in barrels and shipped off the continent. Moving, pressing, and knowing where the different barrels are to be found, is a big part of the job. A colleague and I spent today with the barrels. Empty ones can be carried and thrown. Full barrels are lifted with a small crane on the back of the "Hägglunds 206". We store them on upcurled plastic pads in case of spills. If they're not anchored and strapped well, the next storm will carry them over to the crevasse field on the far side of the blue glacier.

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dag said...

Wow. Dette er sinnsykt, Øystein. Du må ta masse kule bilder. Liker fuglebildene :)